Love 2 CommunicateOn a daily basis we are bombarded with tremendous amount of information, advice and are faced with many choices to make.

It’s okay to simply take the time to reevaluate on daily basis, relax, have another piece of chocolate, cookie, wake up just a little late, or even skip an exercise session or two.

But don’t ever, ever, EVER…

Question your own abilities, yourself and stop believing in you.

Let me share with you my 12 steps to evolving you:

1. Awareness, without it we would be stuck and operate from the primitive part of our brain often referred to as Monkey Brain. Take a moment and ask yourself a question right now, how aware are you? What is truly happening around you? Do you already know what is needed for a solution? Do you have the clarity you need to go where you want to go in life?

2, Dream on all the things you want to do and have in life. Relax, close your eyes, and imagine you have a magical genie at your command that will help you achieve your every wish. Take a walk through your ideal day, and see your life and self exactly as you desire your life to be.

3. Order-Decide what’s most important Note any ideas, insights, and goals that you have. Identify the main goals; the one that would most help in achieving the others. Write it as in affirmation in the center box using personal, positive and present tense, and then do the same with any subsequent goals.

4. Draw-what does it look like, start drawing your goals, images, pictures and symbols that present your goals, using as much color as possible.

5. Exercise: I also call it getting your heart beat up. Make sure in the morning you do at least 30 minutes that pumps you up and makes you feel awake from the inside.

6. Commit to something you think you can’t: pick one thing, only one, which might give a small result but take one thing

7. Imagine you talking to the wisest men on the planet about it, tell this men why you can’t do it. Sit right next to him and have a conversation with him. Listen to his answers.

8. Visualize your Outcomes: Build an image on your mental screen of how you would achieve what you desire

9. Take Action: If it is about changing your job, pick your computer and make that CV. If its relationship, take your partner out for dinner and talk it out. Start small but START.

10. Celebrate the results: As you would see you would already start achieving. Now go out and CELEBRATE. It is important, you have to go out and cherish every second of it.

11. Involve to Evolve think about it, everyone likes to help. Who could help you find a solution or advice you on your path? Do you need to turn within yourself in search of an answer?

12. Communicate with Love, no one really likes passive-aggressive style of communication. Being able to do this with an open heart will help you in your journey to evolve and achieve your best life.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to communicate your wants and needs on 11th and 12th May I am running a great workshop called “Love2Communictae” where over two days I will help you:

  • Become aware of language use and different communication styles
  • Recognise your own patterns and learn how to change them
  • Learn Ways to Communicate Powerfully and with love
  • Discover how active listening can change the way you communicate
  • Confidently express and communicate your true self
  • Receive 13 Tips on How to Communicate With Love
  • Know yourself at a deeper level, and develop
  • Confidently express and communicate your true desires

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Inspiring You to feel things deeply from Your heart, with kindness and compassion. In peace and prosperity,
Tony J Selimi
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