Evolving Yourself

Love 2 CommunicateOn a daily basis we are bombarded with tremendous amount of information, advice and are faced with many choices to make.

It’s okay to simply take the time to reevaluate on daily basis, relax, have another piece of chocolate, cookie, wake up just a little late, or even skip an exercise session or two.

But don’t ever, ever, EVER…

Question your own abilities, yourself and stop believing in you.

Let me share with you my 12 steps to evolving you:

1. Awareness, without it we would be stuck and operate from the primitive part of our brain often referred to as Monkey Brain. Take a moment and ask yourself a question right now, how aware are you? What is truly happening around you? Do you already know what is needed for a solution? Do you have the clarity you need to go where you want to go in life?

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