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If you are someone experiencing spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, business and money challenges then you have come to the right place. Whether you are going through a painful divorce, break up, or are in need of expert guidance to help you navigate the waters of uncertainty in your life, Tony’s TJS Integrated Healing Methodology may just be the right tool to help you create the breakthroughs you may be seeking.

Whether you want healing, crystal light bed therapy, chakra healing or an integrated coaching/healing approach that can help you look deeper and find the root cause of the issues you may be experiencing, then this is not your stop, it is your start of a new journey. 

If you are you ready to heal your life, take back time, own your power, create influence, reconnect your body, mind, spirit, and heart to who you truly are, then drop me a message and let’s start you on a unique healing journey designed for you.

Overcome break ups, enjoy being single again, and turn difficulties with your existing partner into new possibilities that bring you the joy and happiness you deserve. My healing programs are created with you in mind, each session is customised to help you have a healthy relationship that is co-loving, nurturing, and balanced first and foremost with yourself then with others. You can use them to dissolve volatile emotions that make you experience unworthiness issues, stop you from unleashing the healing power of Love, or preventing you from speaking your truth.

Look no further, this is an opportunity to go beyond your perceived limits, do things you thought were impossible, and recognize the unlimited nature of your being.

Daily demands, fast paced life, and constant bombardment of information impact all eight key areas of our lives: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Financial, Relationship, business and career, and Love. You end up creating many blockages, you learn to resist, and become dissented.  All this leads to physical and emotional blockages, such as: tension, stress, anxiety, low energy levels, migraines, a feeling of inner chaos, negativity, procrastination, frustration, mental health problems, relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, high/low blood rate, heart problems, diabetes, and in the worst case scenario even cancer.

Tony’s integrated approach helps you equip yourself with the tools to overcome issues that stop you from being in your greatness, from panic attacks, insomnia, impotence, infertility, obsessions, money problems, control issues, to fears, physical health issues, and emotional disharmony. Tony’s hands of light help you heal on multiple levels, you start to make better and faster decisions, learn how to harness the power of your fear, become more in control of your mind, balance emotions and awaken your heart’s wisdom and love. This deeper work can also help you have enhanced intimacy and sexual intercourse with your loved one.

If you are ready to learn how to deal better with life’s challenges, overcome difficult situations, and develop a strong sense of purpose and clearer thinking, and remove some of the ‘clutter’ from your life required to enjoy a better quality of life, then your first step is to book a two hour Integrated Healing/Coaching Consultation with Tony by clicking Here!

Tony Jeton Selimi is known for offering modern, effective, and easy to use solutions to various psychological, emotional, spiritual, money, business and love issues. Tony’s integrated approach helps you heal your inner child, retune and balance your chakras, improve the quality of your sleep, clean past/present/future karma issues, increase your awareness of who you truly are, release blockages on physical and etheric body to help you overcome emotional trauma and difficulty.

Whether you are struggling with physical health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, anorexia and bulimia, cancer, heart problems, skin issues, high-low blood pressure, abuse, trauma or spiritual and relationship problems, Tony can offer you the support you need.

You may start or accelerate your healing journey by reading his two #1 Amazon-best Selling and USA multi award-winning books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness available in print, digital, or audio from any major book retailers: Barnes & Nobble, Waterstones, Amazon, IBooks, iTunes, Audible, or download it right now on your Kindle by clicking here.









Dr John Demartini quotes “Tony J. Selimi’s new masterpiece A Path to Wisdom is a thought provoking book that can center your soul, touch your heart and heal your bodymind.”

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On your journey with Tony you find lasting solutions tailored to your needs.  Tony’s integrated approach is more than a traditional long-term coaching, mentoring, or therapy, it is a fusion of east and west and it is for those who may need TJS Evolutionary Method® approach to work on long standing problems.

If you are looking for a warm, trustworthy and understanding human behavioural expert, coach, healer and spiritual teacher to help you improve your life and achieve life outcomes, then please get in touch to arrange your 120 minutes consultation either via telephone, skype or one to one in central London.

Your needs are unique and so is the support Tony gives you. He combines all of his skills to help you get your life back on track in all eight key areas. You gain clarity on thoughts and values, and develop further the innate potential of your body, mind, heart and spirit.

At the end of this experience, you will feel empowered, healthy, relaxed, and radiant. It will positively impact all aspects of your life.

He uses various techniques to identify blockages within the energy field and then helps you to release them. This integrated approach to wellbeing will help your current health understanding, unlock your fullest potential in body, mind & spirit and increase your overall self-awareness, helping you go beyond your current perceived limits.

To maximise the results, meditate daily. To help people on this journey, Tony created the TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions available from major online music stores, his website or ITunes:

Transmute Daily Negativity

From Head Full of Noise to Blissful Mind

Awaken Your Inner Doctor

Master and Balance Your Emotions

Open and Awaken Your Heart

Be a Money Magnet

Click the following links for: Books that changed my life,   HealingCoaching360 ° Change  Body Mind and Spirit.

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If you would like to commit yourself to living a meaningful, healthy, balanced and fulfilled life or to work on any life issues, such as anxiety, stress, emotional or physical issues, self-esteem or do some inner work, so that you can start living your best life, then get in touch to book your initial session.

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