It is safe and used by doctors and therapists in dedicated health centres and clinics throughout the world. The technique is compatible with all complementary therapies, e.g. Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Reiki, CBT … and all orthodox medicines.

This revolutionary new method of healing is practised only at dedicated centres around the world. Tony is official guide and son of the casa dom Ignazio in Brazil and permitted to do Crystal Light Bed Therapy Treatment anywhere around the world.

He was divinely guided and feels humbled to have been endorsed and blessed by the entities of the Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiania Brazil to bring this amazing therapy in London. By providing an original Casa crystal bed healing therapy outside of the confines of the Casa — with the specific blessings of the Entities — is like bringing part of the Casa to you.

It is a privilege for him to be able to serve you in this unique way, where you can receive this presence of the Entities without actually travelling to Brazil. Tony is among the very few in the UK to be permitted by the entities to offer this therapy in London.

The crystal bed radiates a colour to the respective chakras in certain frequencies and rhythms to harmonise and balance your energies. If you go to see John of God in Brazil at the Casa, the Entities often prescribe daily crystal-bed therapy to aid you in your healing journey.   

As the colour relating to each chakra is transmitted through the crystal, the chakra is cleansed, energised, and brought into balance with all of the other chakras. This allows the other aspects of our self, whether it be mental, emotional or physical to be brought into balance.

By uniquely incorporating Tony’s TJSeMethod: ALARM ™ and his one of a kind integrated and holistic coaching and mentoring sessions with an hour’s of Light, Sound, Colour, Crystals and hands of light healing therapy, you can accelerate your healing. Many describe this session as “out of this world experience.”

With Tony as your master healer, teacher and educator, you give yourself a complete therapeutic experience designed to help you awaken your inner doctor and harmonise your body-mind-emotions so healing can happen. In each session, Tony will focus on helping you address psychological, emotional, and psychosomatic stressors that lead to disease. ,

The Process

You lie on the therapy bed fully clothed, facing upwards, you are also covered in white sheet overlay. Clients are asked to wear all white or light coloured clothing. Black or dark colours are discouraged from being worn, as the spiritual entities that may be working on your do not see the energy field around the body as clearly.

Tony runs all healing sessions and follows the rules of the Brazilian Casa, and the entities who work through Tony and Medium Joao. During this time, you will be exposed to the spectral light Crystal Therapy, Chromatherapy (Colour Therapy), Tony’s hands of light and soothing sound treatment from the House of Dom Inacio’s music “Portal of Light”. If you prefer, you can also choose to have your Crystal Light Bed Therapy without Tony’s assistance.

By having a Crystal Light Bed Therapy Session, you have a Crystal Bath! In other words, you are bathing and cleansing your Chakras in Colour & Crystal Healing Energy. Each crystal is made up of the colour of your respective chakras, and are set on a special vibrational frequency to clean and balance your chakras.

If your chakras aren’t in balance, it will cause illness in your body. Its also a great preventative modality and helps you daily to clear, attune and balance your chakras for optimum mind, body, soul & spirit health.

How long does it last?

The initial session is called the “diagnostic” session, and you will need to book two hours for this. Once you have had your initial chat with Tony, you will lie on the bed, close your eyes and let the entities look clearly at your energy field and make their diagnosis.

Tony will explain the protocol of having crystal bed sessions, given to him by the spiritual surgeons present, to assist you on what is happening to you during the session under the crystal lights.  The colour/light frequency is then applied to the body to open and cleanse the chakras, and open the etheric field for the spiritual surgeons to do their work! 

The recommended frequency of treatment depends on your circumstances and the health challenges you may be facing. The follow-up Crystal Light Bed Therapy sessions are one-hour sessions, 50 minutes on the Crystal Light bed, 5 minutes to settle when you come in, and 5 minutes to get ready when you leave.

To get the best benefits from this form of therapy, Tony has been guided to incorporate and include TJS Evolutionary Healing Method into the Light Therapy. These session lasts 120 minutes and is specifically designed to do deeper work required for healing to be successful and to help you identify and deal with deep-rooted emotional and physical problems, as well as add another dimension to your healing journey.

What are the benefits?

Many clients who have used it feel “Light, Spacey and Extremely Relaxed” after a session. Many say they feel the sensation of being worked on by a spirit — some float back into past lives, and others astral travel.

Sometimes clients become very emotional when negative energy is released, and cords are cut, but this is almost always experienced as a great relief. Tony recommends all his clients to keep a journal and write down any noticeable changes between treatments. That way, you can be aware of your positive progress.

The crystals fill the vacuum with self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth, thus preventing the return of negativity. Due to the beneficial stimulation of the immune system, Crystal Light Therapy improves and alleviates a range of physical and psychological conditions and is recommended within the framework of Anti-Aging and longevity.

Many of Tony’s clients have reported many health benefits and personal experiences; some to mention are:

  • Feeling relieved, relaxed, rejuvenated, peaceful and having more energy and vitality.
  • Improvements in health conditions and in some cases attaining the desired health results.
  • Feeling relived from stress, pain, depression, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and tensions in your body.
  • Gaining a deeper spiritual understanding of self and a change in life situations.
  • Having a new awareness that releases unwanted unconscious behaviours, self-harming thoughts and disempowered habits.
  • Feelings of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing taking place.
  • Gain of insight as to the cause of dis-ease, future path, and so much more.

The effect is a feeling of deep knowing, peace and calm, which allows the energy body to align and balance itself. A wonderful treatment for clearing, de-stressing and calming, this light bed can also be used to bring about a deep meditative state and consciously evoke out of body experiences.

This wonderful integrated healing system that Tony J. Selimi offers is a life-enhancing experience, millions have benefited from this work, and you are advised to try it for yourself.

What do I do after a Crystal Bed Healing?

No matter what the experience, it is advisable for the individual to rest after Tony’s Integrated Coaching and “Crystal Bed Healing” Session to fully absorb the experience. It is also advisable to drink several glasses of water over the next several hours to help rid the body of any toxins or waste products which tend to be released through the cleansing action of the Crystal healing. It also can be helpful to write down the experiences, action steps and spirit guidance which can occur during the healing session, to help integrate and ground the experience into your life.

What makes Tony’s Integrated Crystal Bath Sessions so special?

First, through every coaching session Tony will use his thirty years of knowledge to help you balance your perceptions and create a healing mindset which is needed in order for you to awaken your inner doctor. Secondly, the “Crystal Bed” combines the power of Color Therapy, Light therapy, and Crystal Therapy. This combination produces beneficial stimulation on many physical and energetic levels of being.

The combination of healing energies is then further and GREATLY ENHANCED, by the “Healing Entities” of the Casa de Dom Inacio. These Healing Entities are the Spiritual Beings that work in and around the Casa de Dom Inacio and with all those deeply connected to the Casa family. These are also the entities that are incorporated by the Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria, also known as “John of God”.

The illuminated crystals create a portal that the Entities can use to channel their healing energy to the individual receiving the “Crystal Bed Healing”. Typically, what happens is that the crystals and lights first open, align and prepare the person at the beginning of the session so that Tony and the Entities can then later in the session come in and make healing adjustments to the person’s energy field and body. It’s the combination of all these elements together that makes this crystal light therapy so special.

What’s the cost?

Option 1:

Book a two-hour session to Fast Track Your Healing Results. Combining Your Crystal Light Bed Therapy with Tony’s hands of light and his integrated and holistic coaching and mentoring where you start to learn how to use the twenty-five conscious engineering principles of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ to help you address mental and emotional problems that lead to disease.

You get to spend the first 60 minutes being privately coached by Tony, the next 45 minutes you spend it on the crystal light bed and the last 15 minutes are spend for feedback.

These two-hour integrated sessions are designed if you are ready to go on a deeper journey required to heal mental, physical, emotional and spiritual pain and bring the required psychological and emotional balance needed for healing to take place. Two-hours sessions are recommended for you if you wish to benefit from Tony’s wealth of wisdom to get to the root cause of your problem, illness, and wish to unleash your true healing powers of the body and accelerate your healing journey.

The recommended choice for you if you wish to unravel your body’s wisdom, unleash your inner worth, and release the suffering from long-term pain and serious life-threatening illnesses and are ready to go from living with pain to being healthy and feeling you are an extraordinary human being capable of making a new choice, changing your life circumstances and live like a legend.

The cost for two-hour session is £1650 + VAT per 120-minute sessions. You save 50%, as Tony normally charges £1650/h + VAT for an hour of coaching.

Combo Offer:

  • Get a 10% discount by paying in advance for a block of 12 sessions.
  • Get a 15% discount by paying in advance for a block of 24 sessions.
  • Get 20% discount by paying in advance for a block of 48 sessions.

All sessions are paid in advance at the time of booking via direct bank transfer, PayPal, or people who prefer to pay cash can do so on the day of your appointment. If you chose to pay cash, please make sure you pay before your healing session with Tony starts.

Option 2:

This option is for you, if after your initial two-hour consultation session with Tony, you choose to only use The Crystal Light Bed Therapy to help you on your healing journey. This Crystal Light Bed healing sessions follow the same procedures as Casa Dom Ignazio, you come in, get ready, have the session, and you leave silently and on time. They do not include any feedback; they designed to work according to the rules of the Casa in Brazil.

  • £200 for a 60-minute session, 50 minutes you spend on the crystal bed, 5 minutes to settle in and 5 minutes to get ready and leave. Those sessions are cash only payment.

Combo Offer:

  • Get a 10% discount by paying in advance for a block of 12 sessions.
  • Get a 15% discount by paying in advance for a block of 24 sessions.
  • Get a 20% discount by paying in advance for a block of 48 sessions.

If you would like to benefit from Tony’s feedback, hands of light, his unique healing method, and TJS Integrated coaching approach to accelerate and compliment your crystal healing journey to get to the root cause of your physical, emotional or spiritual pain minimum, then Option One is what most of Tony J. Selimi’s clients book, as each integrated 120-minute session is designed in a way to maximise your healing journey.

Please note that for different therapies, prices can differ depending on the length of treatment and whether a combination of treatments is involved. To confirm your booking, all payments must be paid in advance and in full at time of booking or cash on the day prior to your treatment.


Due to specific space energy requirements, all treatments are currently given in Tony’s studio flat in Pimlico.

If you have never experienced this therapy, then give yourself this priceless gift, you will be amazed at the result, clarity, peace, and the feeling you get after each session with Tony J. Selimi, one of the world’s greatest healers, educators and human behaviour specialists.

To book your initial consultation and follow up session, please telephone 02078285005 or e-mail send us an e-mail at

Client Testimonial

“The level of expertise, grounding, practical and intuitive information Tony gives to dig deep into what I have to offer, therefore, knowing my value, was priceless. He drew out of me not only how credible I was, but how to use it and because of him, I am now facing an entire future with a plan that is cohesive, exciting and doable! Thank you for not only believe in me Tony J Selimi, but for all of the things you went through to get the training, information, wisdom and all that you offer to those of us who are honored to work with you. Thank you for going before us and for being you!!!” Tammy De Mirza – The Freedom Alchemist™.