We often forget how important to our well being is to simply feel, look and act happy.

Our thoughts become things, no matter how hard we try, stuff just happens that has the potential to create negative self talk and generate negative emotions.

Just like many other emotions sadness too is an emotion created from the way we internalise the experience after the information has passed through our perceptual filters some to mention time, space, language, culture, memories, belief and Value system meta programs and decisions we have made over a period of time.


Perfect example is how some cultures deal with loosing their loved ones, whilst in some cultures value & belief system death means sadness, in another sadness means celebration of life and moving to the non physical world and re joining the spiritual family that ones comes from.

It goes to show, how simply we can change our state of being, if we change the way we look at things, the thing we look at changes, with that so do our emotions.

So, why don’t you create a simply plan to implement when you experience sadness.

I have one, and I call it my “4 Simple Steps to Happiness plan”

When something happens that causes me to begin to feel some negative emotions or start some negative self talk, I move directly to my happiness plan.

It’s actually only a list of  things that I can do in any given situation that will lift my spirits and turn me in a positive direction.

Here’s my favourite 4 things.





1. Smile at people I don’t know (as well as people that I do know)

2. Go for a walk in a park and look, listen, smell and touch as much of nature as I possibly can. You’ll be amazed at how well this works, especially if you can think about how incredibly complex and beautiful it is.

3. Listen to my favourite comedian. I usually have a couple of recordings on my iPad.  This is an easy one.

4. Go to YouTube and search funny videos, then share your favourite with a friend. This is another easy one.

Any one of these will break the pattern of negativity and lift your energy.

Create your plan, have it ready to go, and use as often as you need to, you can never get enough of being happy 🙂

When thing go terribly wrong, what is your plan of happiness?

Tony J Selimi

MD and Founder

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