Trust your EGS!

After my PT session with my very good friend and great personal trainer Will Pike I got inspired to write an article about the importance of stillness in our life. With so much technology to guide us when we are feeling lost around streets, cities and country’s what is that device inside of us that guides us when we are feeling lost in life?

Just the way mobile phones needs a GPS chip to be able to tell us where we are, our emotions too have something what is referred to EGS, this is Emotional Guiding System that has the ability to guide us and keep us in track. How many times you have felt something before it happened? Do you use your own intuition? Do you trust your internal wisdom to inform you of your next right action? Did you know that a divine, tricked-out EGS system comes standard with the human being package you were gifted at birth? Read More — Trust your EGS!