Understanding the Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field is always receiving energy from the universe. This energy sustains your entire existence: body, mind, and emotions. Your aura is the energetic skin which holds all your inner energy bodies and outer body together. Your energy chakras are like the pores in the energy skin which regulate the flow of universal energy into and out of the body.

Your energy field is the instrument of wellness and the source of illness. For the healing to happen it is essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illnesses. We need to ask, what does this illness mean to me? What can I learn from this illness? Illness can be seen as simply a message from your body to you that says, ‘Wait a minute: something is wrong. You are not listening to your whole self; you are ignoring something that is very important to you’. A return to health requires more personal work and change than simply taking pills prescribed by a doctor. Without personal change, you will eventually create another problem to lead you back to the source that caused the disease in the first place.”

Your Aura: Skin of Inner Energy Bodies

  • you are a vibrational energy being and composed of light and sound energy.
  • [your] aura surrounds your outer physical body in all directions.
  • it extends both internally and externally.
  • it interacts with everything around you.
  • it reacts to your every thought, word, feeling, choice, and action instantly.
  • it is electromagnetic and interpenetrates your physical body with energy.
  • your aura is the holographic, energy matrix for your physical (matter) body

The Nature of “Living Energy”

  • the flow of the universe is from energy to matter: energy flows from your
    …… inner bodies to create the matter of your physical body.
  • all your bodies are created from the living energy variously referred to as:
    …… chi (China), ki (Japan), manna (Hawaii), prana (India).
  • your living energy field can be photographed in a verifiable, repeatable way with instruments like the Kirlian camera
  • is the vital life force that makes you alive and interconnected with all life
    …… animals, plants, humans, objects.

Your Outer and Inner Energy Bodies

  • your bodies are a balance of six flowing fluid layers and strong grid structures:
    …… physical, astral (emotion), causal (karma), mental (thought), etheric (intuition), Soul.
  • a green physical body:
    …… the layer of matter that you see, hear, smell, touch, and can taste!
    …… is the one whose eyes are reading these words.
    …… is the only body visible to the naked eye (ie. without special equipment).
    …… is the outer body linked to and surrounded by the other inner bodies.
  • a red astral body:
    …… the layer of energy manifesting as emotions (lower) and heart (upper) energy.
    …… is the one whose emotions respond to this through your feelings about it.
  • an orange causal body:
    …… the “seed body” or karmic hologram where experiences are stored.
    …… is the one whose cellular memory filters your perception of this information.
    …… is the one testing this against the accumulated experience of your past lives.
  • a blue mental body:
    …… the layer of energy that manifests as attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.
    …… is the one whose analysis is responding to this by giving you thoughts about it.
  • a purple etheric body:
    …… the layer of energy that manifests as intuition, knowingness, and guidance.
    …… is the one whose intuitive abilities are acting on this information.
    …… is the one coordinating the various responses of the other bodies.
    …… is the one producing your final decision about this information.
  • a white soul body:
    …… the layer of energy that manifests as intuition, knowingness, and guidance.

Your Energy Chakras

  • are “Spinning Wheels of Light” (the translation of the Sanskrit word ‘chakra’).
  • are rooted in a vertical power current or energy hose that interconnects and interpenetrates the aura and [auric] bodies.
  • nourish all the inner energy bodies as well as the outer matter body with lifeforce.
  • [comprise] seven major chakras (below):
  • open-ended at the root (genital area),
    …… the color is red: it connects you to the Earth, your purpose, and your will to live
  • at the sacrum (base of spine/pelvic area),
    …… the color is orange: it represents
    …… in front: your self love and acceptance
    …… in back: your use of personal power
  • at the solar plexus (stomach/diaphragm area),
    …… the color is yellow: it represents
    …… in front: how you see yourself in the world (your identity in this life)
    …… in back: how you take care of yourself (body, mind, emotions)
  • at the heart (heart area),
    …… the color is green and expands to pink: it represents
    …… in front: how you connect in relationship to others from the”heart”
    …… in back: how you support yourself in accomplishing tasks in career/work
  • at the throat (throat area),
    …… the color is blue: it represents
    …… in front: how you connect in living your truth using spoken words
    …… in back: how you connect in how you see yourself professionally
  • at the third eye (between the eyebrows),
    …… the color is purple: it represents
    …… in front: how you take in the creative forces of the universe
    …… in back: how you manifest desires from using the energies of creation
  • open-ended at the crown (top of head),
    …… the color is white: it connects you to the source of all
    universal knowledge.

Healing the Human Energy Field

Your energy field is the instrument of wellness and the source of illness.

For me as a healer to heal oneself the source is the key. To deal with the source usually requires a life change ultimately leading to a personal life more connected to the core of one’s being. It leads us to that deeper part of ourselves that is sometimes called the Higher Self or the spark of divinity within.

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