Part 1: The Journey to loving oneself and healing the heart Chakra

A good start to this journey would be to look into our Chakras and find the answers on what is happening there; in this instance this is the Fourth Chakra that is also called the Heart Chakra. The energy of the Heart Chakra influences our experience with the following: perception of love, relating, giving, heart energy, compassion, touch, devotion, emotional zone, self-acceptance, masculine/feminine of the self, and our ability to forgive oneself and others.

At some point in life we are faced with various questions relating to this Chakra, how we relate to others, what is love, why the relationships we develop not only with one self but also with others bring us to an unhappy state? When things don’t work out as the original image we created in our head about this relationship, we tend to close this Chakra and develop tensions that lead to various tensions and physical symptoms that will have a direct impact on our physical heart.  We end up being disappointed in love, we feel hopeless, we develop the fear of love, we end up in a cycle of thoughts that re confirm our negative belief that love hurts, relationships are painful.

This brings us to a state of mind where we tell ourselves we can’t commit, we feel we have to be weak to be loved, unkind , we feel there is a lack of support from the other person,  we start to experience envy , jealousy , and we tend to tell ourselves we have to change ourselves to be loved,  we start developing serious heart problems.  Thought’s such as God doesn’t love me spin in our heads like an old record playing on a broken gramophone. We withdraw and   disconnected from our feelings, we find it hard to accept ourselves; we are stuck in the left brain.

To be continued…

Part 2: Co-commitment

©By Tony Jeton Selimi, April 2012