What does Your AURA Say About You?

By using the cutting edge Aura Technology Video Station 7 to digitize and measure your energy field, you will discover how by integrating biofeedback data into your healing and life coaching session, you gain further understanding of the mind-body connection and your overall self-awareness. By using an integrated approach to your well being Tony can help you with your current health understanding and see results right before your eyes.

You will gain insights of your Aura, visually see it as well obtain reports and readings that analyse your energetic state. It will help you discover your Chakra Energy Levels,


  1. See what your Aura looks like
  2. Learn what your base personality colour is and what does that say about you
  3. Receive a full breakdown analysis of each of the 7 Chakras
  4. See the size of your Aura, understand Colour Type interpretations
  5. Aura and  Chakra Energy Balance, Aura Colour Analysis
  6. Show you any imbalances in your Chakras
  7. Validate your emotional-energetic well-being
  8. Measure your Aura prior to any treatments you might have (Physiotherapy, or any other complementary treatment)  in real time
  9. Visualize the success of your treatments
  10. Obtain advice on most effective treatments and products that will show results in your energetic states
  11. Repeat sessions to help you see the progress 
  12. Use it to help you integrate the report with other healing modalities.


Step One: Choose your session:

1. £800 (cash only) for 60 minutes session- it includes 24 Pages full Aura and Chakra pdf report, digital picture of your Aura sent to your mobile, and short 30 minute Aura consultation.

2. £1815 + 20% VAT for 120 minutes session includes a consultation, Aura Reading-Photo and a choice of 60 minutes quick healing a choice of Love and Energy, full Chakra Attunement healing, Dream Energy Healing, in-depth clarity coaching session with feedback and next steps. Payment Cash on the day of your appointment or seven days in advance via a direct debit or Paypal at the time of booking your appointment. 

Step Two: Don’t miss out, get in touch, and book Your session now!

  +44 2078285005     info@tonyselimi.com

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