Body Mirror System of  Healing

Feeling tired, stressed or experiencing lack of energy? Feeling unwell, been injured or are in physical or emotional pain? Do you just need some TLC, clarity and direction?  If you are still searching for answers, Body Mirror System of healing can help you overcome, transform and get to the root issue of any physical or emotional pain in your body, mind and spirit.

Tony Healing Body Mirror This is a method of energy healing developed by Martin Brofman,PHD, through his experience of releasing himself of a terminal illness (a cancerous tumour in the spine) is based on the idea that your body is a mirror of your life and the parts of your body that do not work well reflect the parts of your life that do not work well. Your body reflects what is happening in your consciousness and consciousness is energy, which flows through your being and is directed by your thoughts, feelings and wishes. When you block the flow of energy through your reactions to what is happening around you and from holding stress in your body, the blockage will eventually show up as a physical symptom.

Together over a course of treatments we will explore the relationship between your body, your consciousness and your life and helps to attune, clear and balance the chakras (energy centres), and restore the natural flow of your energy system, so that you can return to the experience of wholeness and allow the healing to happen.

” I always feel a lot of vibration, heat through out the healing with Tony, his hands of light work theri magic and I always feeel in peace with myself, very calm and relaxed during and after the healing session. Immediately afterwards I noticed a reall difference – the pain in my back and shoulder had really disappeared.” – Nora Rodriguez, London

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Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing

Is a very powerful ancient energy work that assists with treating headaches, anxiety, stress, bereavement, feeling lack of energy, lack of confidence, assist you with breaking old relationship patterns, deal and overcome addictions, depression, boost immune system, release tension in your back, shoulder and in the entire body.

Reiki is not only a powerful energy healing technique, but it is also useful for helping you deal with difficult situations and improving the quality of all areas of your life life.

The word Reiki, pronounced as “ray – key” translates as “Universal Life Energy”. In a nutshell, it’s an ancient method of hands-on or distant healing that can help guide your desires and dreams, by clearing the negative energy that surrounds you. Reiki session can help clear the negative energies and bring in positive loving energy. This energy will help you with your current situation and always do what is for the highest good.

This subtle form of healing balances the body’s energy, working on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Reiki can be used on a wide range of ailments and promotes relaxation, bringing harmonious change to your life.

Learn how to use this healing energy on yourself and others, become Reiki Level I and II Certified Practitioner. My two day intensive one to one course you will learn how to become a Reiki Channel, use this healing energy on yourself, others, plants and animals. You will be attuned to Reiki I and II symbols and become a practitioner so that you can start your Reiki Teacher Journey.

To maximise the results, meditate daily. To help people in this journey Tony created TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions available from major online music stores, his website or Itunes:

From Head Full of Noise to Blissful Mind:

Awaken Your Inner Doctor:

Open and Awaken Your Heart:

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360 Degree Change - Healing, Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition

All in One Package 

A package combining Chakra Healing, Intuitive Life Coaching and Nutrition Advice, Personal Training and Massage that will leave you feeling re-energised, balanced,  and ready to embrace life fully.

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With the help of The Aura Video Station 7 system i can help you see your aura color, gain deeper insights of your Aura Personality, Chakras and you will receive a full 22 pages report of the balance of your seven chakra centers.The concept for analysis and treatment using aura-reading technology is quite simple.

Aura Personality Profiles, much like fingerprints, each person has a unique aura-chakra profile that speaks volumes about who they are and how they can improve their lives.


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