360 Degree Change - Healing, Mentoring, and Integrated TJS Success Coaching.A package combining Healing, Mentoring, and Integrated TJS Success Coaching. This package is designed to leave you feeling re-energised, balanced,  and ready to embrace life fully in all of the eight key areas of life. 

  • Change your Life
  • Heal your Heart
  • Empower Yourself
  • Clarify your Goals
  • Kick-start your business success


Using my integrated TJS Evolutionary Method you start to educate your mind, emotions, business, personal and interpersonal relationships, your finances and you get inspired to remain focused on your individual outcomes. Your needs are unique and so is the support I give you. I combine all of the skills to help you develop the potential of your life, business, body, mind and spirit. At the end of this experience you will feel empowered, healthy, relaxed, and radiant. It will positively impact all aspects of your life.



– Healing, Mentoring, and TJS Integrated Coaching with Tony Jeton Selimi (www.healoneself.co.uk) lasting 120 minutes, during which he works on identifying blockages and healing your chakras, as well as giving you a taste of how to live a life that is true to who you really are.


“Live like the way you think, feel, behave, and love”

Discover new ways of enjoying your life! Expand your boundaries, break your comfort zone and achieve the results you want!

  • Upgrade your mindset and inner strength.
  • Feel and connect to your body, mind, and heart.
  • Increase your capability, maximise your potential, feel great,  improve your peak performance.

Your body is a mirror of your mental operatign system!

  • Learn simple mind tricks with long-term results
  • Beat energy lows and slugginess during the day
  • Accelerate your lifestyle and body results


“Your body is a mirror of your consciousness, anything can be healed; the only prerequisite is the desire to be healed”

Tony Selimi Healer and Coach


This is an opportunity to go beyond your perceived limits, do things you thought were impossible, and recognize the unlimited nature of your being.


  • Heal physical and emotional issues, reduce stress, improve health
  • Release tensions in the body, let go of energy blockages
  • Sense your way to happiness, find true, unconditional love, create abundance from within


Your life, your hopes, your way!

  • Start living a life that is true to who you really are
  • Make sure you are pursuing the right goals
  • If you are you at a crossroads and seek change, find your new direction



“What a fantastic journey I have had! This helped me to release blockages, gain clarity, insights, to relax and get some much needed healing. Tony has made a big difference. I now feel revitalised, focused on my goals and refreshed.” Jenny D., London

“God where do I start – I found my twin soul, my new family and confirmation of who I am. Tony is a man who has found his purpose and passion; he helped me get back on track and given me the strength and energy to be the best I can be. His love for all is obvious; the experience he gives is a must!” –Christine H., Florida/US

“I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Will; he understood my requirements and has exceeded my expectations. He has helped me choose the right training methods, nutritional advice, tricks and tips on correct techniques and posture which has been invaluable.” John N., London

“I really look forward to going to the gym for my training sessions with Will. This comes from someone who has never enjoyed exercise. I really enjoy Will’s style of training. He encourages me to meet my goals, but not in a pushy way. Overall I have seen real results and gained confidence in what I can achieve at the gym.”Neil D., London



Get a taste or benefit from great value by purchasing the three-hour package. You may buy as many packages as you like or combine individual sessions into your personal program. Sessions are booked individually with each practitioner. Their own terms and conditions apply.

To ensure you receive the maximum personal attention and optimum results it is recommended to book a minimum of 12 sessions, depending on your specific needs. A 10% discount is given when you purchase 24 or more sessions.


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