Why Healing Yourself First is Essential Step to Living in Your Greatness

activating-the-healing-powers-of-your-being-2Hello fellow passangers on this life journey, this is a guest blog by lovely Francesca Gordon-Smith who shares her thoughts on why healing ourselves first is essential to Living in Your Greatness. It is something that resonates with me, a journey I had to take, and it is what I too teach all of my clients who wish to break free from the corporate world and become entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, etc. I trust you will enjoy as much as I did, here it goes….

The relationships we have with others really do determine the quality of our lives. Imagine for a moment someone just like you; she has a big argument over nothing with her partner just before leaving for work. She gets to work and the same thing happens again; she has a disagreement with a colleague and finds herself in an awful mood; she experiences negative repeated thoughts, such as “They are so disrespectful”, “They are so wrong”.  She considers breaking up with her partner and leaving her job; it is all just too unbearable.

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Soulful Relationship – Sorted!

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Evolving Yourself

Love 2 CommunicateOn a daily basis we are bombarded with tremendous amount of information, advice and are faced with many choices to make.

It’s okay to simply take the time to reevaluate on daily basis, relax, have another piece of chocolate, cookie, wake up just a little late, or even skip an exercise session or two.

But don’t ever, ever, EVER…

Question your own abilities, yourself and stop believing in you.

Let me share with you my 12 steps to evolving you:

1. Awareness, without it we would be stuck and operate from the primitive part of our brain often referred to as Monkey Brain. Take a moment and ask yourself a question right now, how aware are you? What is truly happening around you? Do you already know what is needed for a solution? Do you have the clarity you need to go where you want to go in life?

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Let Love Lead You

Below post was written as a holiday spiritual boost!

I’m writing this blog from my studio flat in Pimlico as I am watching the world go by from my living room window and going back and forward into my kitchen ensuring that the chestnuts I put earlier on under the grill are roasted to perfection.


If you are just like me and love chestnuts I am sure you are right now using your imagination and you can smell the very aromas that are surrounding me right now.

Last night I was out with Daniel, a very close friend that I have known since my university days in the mid 90’s. Our conversation turned into a coaching session as he shared with me his recent experience of letting go some of the feelings that have held him back in his love life. What was interesting is that despite the healing process he underwent, as he continued to share with me I was able to pick up in his language the subconscious limited beliefs that hold him back that sabotaged the healing process bringing him back to square one. Through our chat I helped him identify the exact words he used and the energetic meaning, the beliefs he currently held and helped him create new positive affirmations to re program his subconscious mind. We also went through  some centring exercises to open his heart to love. Read More — Let Love Lead You