Power of Gratitude

I just got back from a charity bike ride cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia, little I knew when I signed up what was there to come, who I would meet on this trip, and the places I would visit and the people I would meet there. The image I had of Vietnam was one of “ Miss Saigon” and the many movies I have seen and the news I have over the years about the war there. As for Cambodia only what I have seen through the eyes of Angelina Jolly.

The most two significant things that made a foot print in my heart is cycling through the lanes, villages and people’s front door and the simplicity of the way they showed their gratitude and love, with a simple “Hello”. The second was each and every person who was part of this trip; all in their own way contributed to making this trip a very special one for me. Losing my special sunglasses during a trip to a bird sanctuary became a special powerful symbol to some on this trip that needed to be reminded in the power of gratitude and positive thinking, (you know who you are:))! Despite all of the odds I ended up getting them back, that is a story on its own, in short not only I found them but also I was invited to a food feast, shots of rice wine and was sang at a dinner table by the family that owned the sanctuary, an amazing experience not to forget. I am grateful to you all and to all the people in Vietnam, Cambodia and around the planet. Read More — Power of Gratitude