Part 4 Healing your Heart Chakra and making a relationship with another person work

Over the years I have come to observe many healing and coaching clients, one common energy blockage they all had in common was in their heart Chakra, the lack of self-love. In the recent conversation with my loved ones, to my surprise I was asked, how do we even begin to learn how to love ourselves when all of our life we have been taught to love others? Is there a short exercise one can adopt to help in provide?

Something unloved lurks at the base of almost all relationship issues. The more each of us gives loving presence to all of ourselves, the more available we become to receive and enjoy the flow of love and harmony. An unloved part of ourselves has a tendency to look like it lives over there in the other person and leads to control and power struggles. It’s much easier, more efficient and more productive to love oneself thoroughly than to try to get others to change. I’ve noticed that the more people genuinely love themselves, the more harmony and creativity they generate around them.

My coaching or healing techniques that I have used and developed, empower my clients by assisting them in learning tools and skills for conscious living and loving. In opening to more creativity and love through the power of conscious relationships and whole-person learning

Below is a list of simple to follow exercises to help you in strengthening your heart Chakra, and start giving love to oneself, it is something anyone can benefit from:

1 )  “Take a moment to think of someone you know you love. Bring that person to mind and feel how you love him or her. Keep focusing on that person until you generate a genuine felt-experience of loving.”

2 ) “Turn the love toward yourself. Love yourself just the same way you love that person you were thinking of.”

3 ) “Feel that love toward something you’ve been afraid is unlovable in yourself. Perhaps you feel a deep hurt or harbor an old fear that you’re unlovable. Love each of those things, just as you would love a child who occasionally makes mistakes. All you need to do is love as much as you can from wherever you are.”

©By Tony Jeton Selimi, April 2012

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