Understand & Heal Your Fear

The 5 most common fears!


Through the many energy healing and coaching sessions i have had as well as reading my souls sisters blog about fear, I got inspired in writing about the 5 most common fears that most people face.

Which one’s affecting You?

No matter what subconscious fear you’re experiencing, it almost always falls into one of 5 categories. Take a few moments to read the descriptions below and see if any of these have popped up in your life.

1 Fear of success

You’re a doer. You’ve got the brains and the potential to move mountains. But you’ve also got this pesky habit of wanting to avoid the spotlight no matter what.

In meetings, you’d rather say silent than voice out your amazing idea. You fear power and leadership, because you’ve seen others hurt by it.

You know you could earn more money, but you’re paralyzed by self-doubt and procrastination. When you think about your past, there may be one or two incidents where your friends or family members were jealous of you and your accomplishments.


2 Fear of failure

You’re capable of great things, if only you’d get off your butt and do them!

You self-sabotage through behaviours like procrastination, being late and starting conflicts, all because you’re always asking yourself: “what if I try my best and I still fail?”.

You’re often known as the person who has their heart in the right place, but has trouble getting things done. When a new career or business opportunity comes along, you find it hard to stay excited for long.

And because of your tendency for leaving things unfinished, there’s a high chance you have dozens of half-read books on your bookshelf.


3 Fear of change

You know change is necessary for your personal growth – but you often can’t help but shy away from it in favor of the choices you’re familiar with. At work, you’re known as the one who plays it safe.

You may have a reputation for being reliable, but you’re rarely the one who comes up with game-changing ideas. You crave security and love the consistency of your routine. At home, your friends and family might even call you stubborn for always sticking to your ways. Oh, and you’re not very fond of surprises.


4 Fear of losing your identity

You’re able to accept yourself for who you are today, but you’re worried about changing and losing yourself along the way. You’re reluctant to push for more money at work, because you’re afraid spirituality and wealth don’t mix.

People may know you as a good person, but you’re rarely described as charismatic or forward-thinking. By sticking to who you are instead of who you could be, you find yourself missing out on a variety of career and financial opportunities.

When you see people with the abundance you know you could have, you may experience an uncontrollable feeling of resentment towards them.


5 Fear of unworthiness

You’re an intelligent, talented and likable person. Yet despite your strengths, you’re constantly worried of what others think about you. At work, you’re worried your co-workers will “find out” you’re unworthy of your role.

You may find yourself going out of your way to please other people and do unnecessary favours for them, just so they don’t think badly of you.

You often feel guilty for no apparent reason, and you may have this automatic habit of brushing away people’s compliments – no matter how sincere they are.


Everyone is affected by at least some of these fears – did you find the ones affecting you? To learn more and overcome each of them join me in my Webinars, workshops, and book yourself a combination of healing and coaching session. Read More — Understand & Heal Your Fear