Saturday 22th / Sunday 23th June 2013, Registration from 9:00, start 9:30, finish 17:00, Venue: TBC

Eventbrite - Love 2 Love: A Journey to Your Inner Self


Lack of Self Belief

If you look at children of a young age, you notice in them a deep, unconditional love for the world, for the people and the life around them. They enjoy and live every single moment as if it were their last.  They express their happiness, their love and their feelings with ease. And they are content, fulfilled and at peace with themselves. They are beings of pure, vibrant love and energy.

We are born to love and be loved. And yet at times we struggle to even remember what love is. We lose hope, stop chasing our dreams, and experience a disconnection with our true loving selves.Every felt like you were unable to feel or see the love around you? Ever felt like you were not able to express your true feelings? Ever felt like you had something holding you back from loving yourself and others?Love 2 Love may just be what your heart is looking for!

This workshop is for you if you want to….
  • Discover how your past experiences affect your love energy that impacts your personal and professional life
  • Develop acceptance and love for yourself an dothers at a deeper level
  • Confidently express and communicate your love, needs and desires
  • Understand the different expressions of love, and their impact on your life and relationships
  • Know how to quickly use simple techniques to release deep emotional hurt and pain and open yourself to Love
  • Experience 2 very powerful Heart Chakra healing meditation

Guest Speakers:

Marina Pearson: heartbreak expert for women, best-selling author of Goodbye Mr Ex and the founder of Divorce Shift, that heals hearts one woman at a time and Spiritual Journey Retreats, the next part of the healing journey after relationship loss so that women can re-discover who they are and trust their innate wisdom.

She is known for catalyzing women into their greatness after relationship loss and leaves them feeling like the best thing since sliced bread. For more information www.DivorceShift.com/GoodbyeMrEx

Michael Serwa:  London based transformation coach, who transforms clients’ lives by taking them from good to great, using his signature no bullshit approach. He shows them what they cannot see and he says to them what no one else would dare to say.  He will talk to you about: the importance of self-love, why we often don’t love ourselves, how can we start to love ourselves more. www.michaelserwa.com

This empowering two-day event will inspire you to break free from your mind’s chains, to open your heart up and to experience joy and love in your life and your relationships.Over two days, I give you the space to fully connect to your inner self, to discover any past emotional pain, and to explore the true feeling of love.  I set up opportunities for you to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings, and to deeply connect with the other individuals in the group.

There will be few guest speakers, Marina Pearson the author of the Goodbye Mr Ex – A Woman’s Guide to Moving On and the founder of Divorce Shift an organization that works with women to get them over their ex relationships in a safe and nurturing environment has confirmed her appearance for the 23rd. She has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Guardian, Marie Claire, MSN Her, and Top Sante Magazine.

” What a an emotional experience to connect to my own heart and become aware of why i was attracting the wrong relationships, people and jobs, Tony’s unique gift will take you on  a journey of coming home-to what you already are-LOVE”, Emmanuel R, Spain

If you are ready to face your inner self and to experience love like never before, this workshop is for you !
Eventbrite - Love 2 Love: A Journey to Your Inner Self
Your Ticket includes:
✔ Full Access to the 2-day event
✔ Morning and afternoon tea and coffee
✔ Share the Love, bring a friend at Half Price, bring two friends and get 3 friend for Free!
✔ You will experience Tony’s specially created for this workshop guided healing meditation
✔ Pre and Post-Workshop support via dedicated Facebook Group
✔ Tony’s Positive Affirmations e-Book to make changes to your life through positive self-talk you can dowload from my website
✔ 20 % off any of my healing, coaching and well-being products and services from my Shop if purchased within 30 days from the day of your workshop
✔ A weekend full of fun, sharing, meeting and connecting with new like-minded individuals