Saturday 11th / Sunday 12th May 2013

Venue Central London

Are you someone who finds it difficult to communicate your wants and needs? Ever feel like you can never get your point across to other people? Do you struggle to understand and make sense of your inner voice? Have you been in situations in which you feel others always seem to communicate more effectively than you do?

For many of us, communicating our authentic selves is a big challenge. We struggle to express our truth, to make ourselves heard, to connect to those around us. Our interactions with the outside world seem constrained, limited and superficial.

A lot of people struggle to put their points across, this could lead to feeling frustrated, angry and stop trying to communicate. For some they relish the idea of dealing with difficult questions, or being put on the spot. And for others the way they talk to themselves is their biggest problem.

Love 2 Communicate may be just the right experience for you if oyu are someone who:

  • Can’t voice your needs and desires
  • Needs to be clear, convincing and memorable when speaking to others
  • Doesn’t relish the idea of dealing with difficult questions, or being put on the spot
  • Is looking to learn the art of open communications
  • Wants to improve their interpersonal communication skills
  • Finds it difficult to communicate with clarity and confidence
  • Deals with hostile situations

This empowering two-day event will inspire you to interact more effectively with everyone around you, and to clearly express your authentic and inspired true self in all situations.  By attending this interactive and engaging workshop, you will:

  • Become aware of language used to communicate and how to change it
  • Recognise your own patterns and learn how to change them
  • Learn Ways to Communicate Powerfully and with love
  • Discover how active listening can change the way you communicate
  • Confidently express and communicate your true self
  • Learn to Communicate With Love
  • Know yourself at a deeper level
  • Confidently express and communicate your true desires
  • Understand the different styles of communication
  • Learn how communication is dictated by the way you think, feel and behave

Over two days, I will give you the space to fully connect to your inner self, to think deeply about the way you connect with others, and to explore your communication skills with a fresh perspective. We set up opportunities for you to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings, and to deeply connect with the other individuals in the group.

Your Ticket includes:

✔ Full Access to the 2-day event
✔ Exclusive Love 2 Communicate Workshop Booklet
✔ Morning and afternoon tea and coffee
✔ Share the Love, bring a friend at Half Price, bring two friends and get my 3 for 2 Special Offer!
✔ You will experience Tony’s specially created for this workshop guided healing meditation
✔ Pre and Post-Workshop support via dedicated Facebook Group or monthly meet ups
✔ Receive a Free copy of Tony’s Positive Affirmations e-Book to make changes to your life through positive self-talk
✔ Get 20 % off any of Tony’s healing, coaching and well-being products and services from my Shop if purchased within 30 days from the day of your workshop
✔ A weekend full of fun, sharing, meeting and connecting with new like-minded individuals

Please note, lunch is not included, a selection of great food and drinks is available at the venue, and around the venue.

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