Power of Gratitude

I just got back from a charity bike ride cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia, little I knew when I signed up what was there to come, who I would meet on this trip, and the places I would visit and the people I would meet there. The image I had of Vietnam was one of “ Miss Saigon” and the many movies I have seen and the news I have over the years about the war there. As for Cambodia only what I have seen through the eyes of Angelina Jolly.

The most two significant things that made a foot print in my heart is cycling through the lanes, villages and people’s front door and the simplicity of the way they showed their gratitude and love, with a simple “Hello”. The second was each and every person who was part of this trip; all in their own way contributed to making this trip a very special one for me. Losing my special sunglasses during a trip to a bird sanctuary became a special powerful symbol to some on this trip that needed to be reminded in the power of gratitude and positive thinking, (you know who you are:))! Despite all of the odds I ended up getting them back, that is a story on its own, in short not only I found them but also I was invited to a food feast, shots of rice wine and was sang at a dinner table by the family that owned the sanctuary, an amazing experience not to forget. I am grateful to you all and to all the people in Vietnam, Cambodia and around the planet. Read More — Power of Gratitude

Trust your EGS!

After my PT session with my very good friend and great personal trainer Will Pike I got inspired to write an article about the importance of stillness in our life. With so much technology to guide us when we are feeling lost around streets, cities and country’s what is that device inside of us that guides us when we are feeling lost in life?

Just the way mobile phones needs a GPS chip to be able to tell us where we are, our emotions too have something what is referred to EGS, this is Emotional Guiding System that has the ability to guide us and keep us in track. How many times you have felt something before it happened? Do you use your own intuition? Do you trust your internal wisdom to inform you of your next right action? Did you know that a divine, tricked-out EGS system comes standard with the human being package you were gifted at birth? Read More — Trust your EGS!